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Surgical Guide to Circumcision
Edited by David A. Bolnick, Martin Koyle and Assaf Yosha

Springer, 2012, 303 pages

Much more than the title would suggest, this comprehensive book covers just about everything concerning circumcision, from embryology of the penis, the operation in minute detail for infants, adults and children, through the case for and against, to understanding circumcision in cultural terms. (The original working title was 'The Circumcision Book' and that was much more appropriate.) Chapters include 'Current evidence supports male circumcision', 'Circumcision, sexual function and sexual satisfaction', 'Why circumcision, from prehistory to the 21st century' and chapters on circumcision in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions.

It may be a bit expensive but try your public library. If that fails, the library of your local university or medical school will be sure to have it, and outside readers are usually quite welcome.

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Airport Encounter
by James Badger

Privately printed for the author, 100 copies only. 400 pages $30 Aust plus postage
Available from The Book Merchant Jenkins

A warm-hearted story about an Australian choirboy and his friends, this book follows the life and loves of a group of boys and girls as they grow from children into teenagers. Circumcision is a major theme as, naturally, is music. It is quite sexually explicit at times.

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